Friday , 23 June 2017

Tech And Security News

New Malware Defeats “Air Gap” To Transmit Data Via LED Light


An “air gap” in computer security is a form of protection in which the designated computer is shielded from any network access whatsoever, effectively protecting it from hackers, malware, and other internet related threats.  The result is a truly standalone machine that cannot transmit data in or out except by physical means such as USB, CD-ROM or disk.  A new …

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Get Ready For IoT Attacks


This past year saw the rise of massive DDoS attacks waged by hackers harnessing the power of the “Internet Of Things” to knock out swaths of the internet.  You might remember back in October when a large number of popular websites such as Twitter and PayPal were knocked offline by one of the biggest DDoS attacks that was leveled at …

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Massive DDoS Cripples Part Of Internet


On Friday a massive DDoS attack aimed at Dyn, a DNS provider, crippled several large internet sites including Twitter, Netflix, Shopify (and all sites hosted under Shopify), Paypal, Reddit, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more.  Affected sites are still being added to a long list of outages reported.  The outage was first felt primarily in the morning on the East Coast, but …

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Real Life Mr. Robot


I have been watching the hit TV series “Mr. Robot” recently, and it is quite intriguing in its plot that centers around a top secret hacking group that is bent on taking down one of the largest financial institutions on earth.  Doing so, they predict, will cause the greatest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen, erasing debts for …

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Ransomware Becoming More Targeted


In an attempt to reap more cash from ransomware, hackers are now turning to more targeted, surgical strikes to businesses small and large.  Ransomware started out as a general wide sweeping program that would infect a computer and lock its data behind super-strong encryption.  In exchange for the key to decrypt and release the data the ransomware creators often asked …

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Video Jacking Targets Hotels


Travelers beware: a new form of data harvesting is taking the form of small “video jacking” devices that mimic a USB charging device or hub, but secretly record the video that is discreetly split off from the phone via this crafty device. As reported by, these new video jacking tools are great ways for criminals to record the video …

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Bitcoin Value Plummets After Hacking Heist

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - APRIL 26: A pile of Bitcoin slugs sit in a box ready to be minted by Software engineer Mike Caldwell in his shop on April 26, 2013 in Sandy, Utah. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

The Bitcoin currency experienced a bump in the road this morning as it was revealed that Hong Kong based Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex reported that hackers had stolen 119,756 Bitcoins.  This is one of the largest hack in the Bitcoin’s history, and highlights one of the flaws of the digital currency–namely the varying security of the different Bitcoin exchanges. The theft …

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Pokemon Go Malware Strikes Phones


The big success of Pokemon Go has seeded a lot of good and a lot of bad.  One of the biggest stories to come out of this latest craze is the existence of malware that is disguised as a real Pokemon app.  These seem to mostly affect Android users, and one of the most recent ones locks users phones in …

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Tesla Autopilot Feature In First Fatal Accident


It was bound to happen sooner or later; the first fatal accident involving an autopilot feature.  These new technological improvements are simply steps towards driverless cars.  The Tesla version is like a souped up cruise control – the car follows the lines of the road and maintains speed, stopping for any obstacles and slowing down as traffic conditions change.  Tesla …

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What’s The Bounty On A Windows Zero Day Bug? Try $90,000


Zero Day bugs are “original” and undocumented security holes in software that nobody – not even the creators of the software – knows about yet.  They are typically found by one person or a team of people working on finding these vulnerabilities.  They are either then sold to the black market criminals for a bounty, given to the software developers …

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