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iPhone Thefts Down Due To Kill Feature

The “kill switch” feature that Apple added to its iPhones starting in September of 2013 has reduced theft of the device by up to 50 percent in some locations.  The feature requires the Apple ID and password of the previous user to allow someone else to use the phone.  If not provided the phone is rendered useless.   This has prevented …

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How Safe Are Ride Sharing Apps?

The soaring popularity of ride sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are giving way to reports of abuse from drivers: from assaults to kidnapping to sexual harassment.  Uber especially has come under fire for not doing enough to check the backgrounds of potential drivers. Although highly convenient, it does seem that a system that has grown as fast as …

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Is a Free, Citywide Wi-Fi Service Realistic?

New York City, like other metropolitan areas, is struggling to provide residents with Wifi Hotspots allowing anyone access to Internet services. Past efforts around the country have not always proven successful, making the move by NYC worth watching. The city plans to convert thousands of outdated payphone installations to wi-fi hubs within the next few months. If successful, NYC residents …

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Is Your Personal Information Protected From Data Thieves?

Personal information is supposed to be just that – personal. However, in today’s electronic world, your personal data is pretty easy to access. Your name, address, social security number, and credit card information are stored in numerous data bases. Even for people who shun technology, their personal data is still accessible to unauthorized individuals. However, there are a few steps …

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Will Your Future Home Get Hacked?

There’s a new internet coming into play, and it’s being dubbed the Internet of Things.  More and more home appliances are going from dumb to smart; your door locks, your thermostat, and even your fridge are quickly gaining internet readiness.  Home connectivity is the latest wave of the technological future: if guests arrive early, you can unlock the door for …

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Is New Technology Altering Our Relationships?

It seems a constant complaint these days: put away your cell phone!  You see a cute couple out at a candlelit dinner and yet, neither of them is talking–they are both absorbed in tap-tapping their cell phones.  It’s true that our constant cellphone companion does seem to take a lot of our attention spans, especially with all the internet you …

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