Friday , 23 June 2017


How Safe Is RegCure Pro?


Q: Is RegCure Pro a safe and effective software tool? A: RegCure Pro is a great tool that can help any computer user clean up and optimize their computer, no matter what their level of expertise.  It can clean up the Windows registry, remove extraneous and duplicate files, help defrag your hard drive, and get rid of malware and spyware. …

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PC Health Advisor Review


When it comes to keeping your computer running quickly and smoothly there are a few things to keep in mind.  Most of the time computer slowdowns are caused by a few key culprits: file clutter, excessive software running in the background, malware and viruses, and a fragmented hard drive.  Thankfully there are software tools that can help you deal with …

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LastPass Review


Let’s face it: keeping track of an ever-growing list of website logins is becoming damn near impossible.  Everyone knows that you should make a different password for each site, and that it should be a pile of gibberish.  However, with most websites we use nowadays requiring logins, there is just no way to keep track of them all unless you’re …

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Tunnelbear Review


Virtual Private Networks are becoming more and more popular these days as the public becomes more aware of the growing risks of using public WiFi access as well as the growing concern over personal privacy.  Called VPNs for short, these tools are connection programs that allow users to browse the internet with relative anonymity as well as protection with encryption. …

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Reimage Review


Occasionally a computer can become infected with a virus or malware that damages the operating system so badly that simply removing the offending infection will not work.  The computer will freeze, crash, and run sluggishly.  Often in these cases a complete re-installation of the Windows operating system is required. Thanks to revolutionary software Reimage, this doesn’t have to be the …

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Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Review


Although Microsoft Outlook is a great email management tool, it’s not without its problems.  One of the biggest problems that people encounter is a PST file error where the .pst file that stores all of your email information including emails, attachments, email addresses, calendar entries, and more becomes damaged, corrupted, or too large.  Although this isn’t a very common problem, …

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How Safe Is Mackeeper?


One of the most searched for phrases that we see in our stats here at is questions about the Mackeeper software utility.  “Is Mackeeper safe?” and “Is Mackeeper legit?” are very common search terms.  So we thought we would help out and provide an in-depth answer to those questions. It seems that many people are interested in this software …

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Spyhunter 4 Download


Spyhunter 4 from Enigma Software is an excellent, easy to use tool that can help users remove spyware, malware, and adware from their Windows PC.  Enigma works around the clock with a dedicated team in order to constantly update the database of known threats, ensuring that your computer and personal information remains safe. If you’re looking to download Spyhunter 4, …

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What Is Reimage Repair? Does It Work? Is It Safe?


___________________ I’m often asked the same question by readers in the comments section and over email: What Is Reimage Repair? Does Reimage PC Repair work?  And is it safe?  And I have to admit it’s a great question – it’s very important to do a bit of research before shelling out money for a computer program.  There are many programs …

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Does Spyhunter 4 Work?

Conduit took over my browser

When I check the traffic stats for We Hate Malware, I often see people arriving here after searching for information about Spyhunter 4, one of the more popular spyware removal software tools on the market.  Often I see that people have searched for things like whether or not Spyhunter works, or if it’s safe.  And I think that those are …

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