Friday , 23 June 2017

Tech Tips

What Is The Best Spyware Removal Program

what is the best spyware removal software

Q: What is the best spyware removal program? A: In our opinion, Spyhunter 4 is an excellent and easy to use spyware removal software program that combines powerful algorithms with an easy to use interface as well as rootkit removal options. We get this question a lot here at We Hate Malware.  People want to know what the best spyware …

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What Is The Difference Between Malware And A Virus?


A lot of people ask what the difference is between malware and a virus.  While similar, they technically mean two different things (depending on how technical you want to get, however). Malware stands for “malicious software” and it encompasses any process that is designed to do harm to your computer or data.  This includes trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and …

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Tips To Avoid Privacy Leaks Of Your Online Accounts


If you’re into the social media scene or if you only have an email address, you are still vulnerable to having your personal information leaked to the entire world.  This has been more known lately due to the online accounts of A-List celebrities that have had personal information leaked such as personal photos, documents, and more.  There are a few …

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Avoiding Malware And Ransomware


It’s the thing out of a nightmare – you go to use your computer at night and you find that all of your files have been locked away by a nasty program called a ransomware.  These programs will encrypt your files and ask for money in exchange for the key to decrypt your files.  If you can’t pay the ransom, …

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What Is Phishing?


It’s a strange word.  But what is phishing and what does it mean for you, the average internet user?  The answer is surprising.  Phishing is an attempt to trick someone into giving up personal information such as usernames, passwords, bank account information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and more.  Phishing can come in the form of emails, telephone calls, …

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5 Tech Habits To Break In 2016


A new year is upon us, and with it comes a plethora of new resolutions.  Many people have lofty goals – climbing to Machu Pichu, losing 30 pounds, giving up sugar.  However, for those of us with more realistic expectations, there are a few things that we can add to our New Year’s resolutions that will be simple yet have …

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Should You Get Rid Of Flash?


Just recently Adobe released another patch for their infamous Flash software, patching a zero day bug as well as other flaws that had already been exploited by malicious hackers.  Flash is notorious for being one of the biggest security “holes” in internet browsers today.  However, many people are a bit reluctant to remove it.  Every once in a while a …

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The Holidays Are Prime Time For Scammers


The holiday season often sees quite a boost in online and credit card fraud activity.  The combination of increased buying behavior in consumers as well as the fact that there are many, many online deals floating around make people more liable to click on suspicious looking or “too good to be true” ads that they may have normally avoided.  According …

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What Is Two Factor Authentication?


With so many online accounts now holding sensitive information such as automatic payment methods, credit card numbers, addresses and bank account numbers, the security of those accounts is even more important than ever.  The latest significant change in the simple username and password combination is multi factor authentication (or two factor identification) which adds an additional step to a login …

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The Scoop On Snapchat


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram─ they’re old news. The latest trend in digital communication between friends is Snapchat. It’s fast, it’s fluid, and it’s here to stay─ for at least 10 seconds. Find out what’s great about it, and what has some people worried. Disappearing Act Snapchat users share stuff, just like Facebook and Instagram users do. They upload videos and photos …

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