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What is VoIP?

What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, also referred as Internet Telephony, IP Telephony and Internet Calling. It is a technology that allows you to make very cheap or completely free phone calls using a internet connection instead of the regular phone line. The calls are transmitted through public internet via cable or optic fiber. Because of …

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A Locky Ransomware Analysis From A Tech Perspective

locky ransomware analysis

A LOCKY RANSOMWARE ANALYSIS FROM A TECH PERSPECTIVE Locky is a type of ransomware spread via malicious .doc, .xls or zip files attached to spam emails. These files contains macros which would look like scrambled text. Once the document is downloaded, so is the ransomware. Once Locky has run and infected the files on your computer, you won’t be able …

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Why You Should Have Secure Online Cloud Storage

secure online cloud storage

WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE SECURE ONLINE CLOUD STORAGE Cloud Storage is a service where data is stored on remote servers so it can be maintained, managed and backed up remotely. These servers can be accessed from online or from the “cloud”. It allows users to save and access files online from any location via the internet. Users can back up …

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6 Steps To Prevent Ransomware

steps to prevent malware

6 STEPS TO PREVENT RANSOMWARE Ransomware is a form of malicious software also known as Malware, which takes over your computer, and blocks your access to it, encrypting your files and demands payment for you to retrieve access to those stolen files. Like any other form of Malware, it can attack computers and even mobile phones in a number of …

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Best Spyware Remover Software For 2018

With more and more of our daily transactions occurring online, it’s even more important than ever to ensure that your personal data is completely safe from prying eyes.  It’s well known that cyber crime goes up every year, and it seems like every few months someone gets ahold of my credit card number and goes on a spending spree. The …

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Surface Pro 4 Flickergate Screen Flicker Issue And Potential Fix

Many owners of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet computer came across a disappointing glitch where the screen would begin to flicker uncontrollably, making the machine difficult or impossible to use.  The cause of this issue has finally been determined to be a hardware issue, and Microsoft claims that only a “small percentage” of machines have been affected by this issue. …

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Avoiding Malware And Ransomware

It’s the thing out of a nightmare – you go to use your computer at night and you find that all of your files have been locked away by a nasty program called a ransomware.  These programs will encrypt your files and ask for money in exchange for the key to decrypt your files.  If you can’t pay the ransom, …

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What Is Phishing?

It’s a strange word.  But what is phishing and what does it mean for you, the average internet user?  The answer is surprising.  Phishing is an attempt to trick someone into giving up personal information such as usernames, passwords, bank account information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and more.  Phishing can come in the form of emails, telephone calls, …

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Reimage Download – Download Reimage Plus

If you want to download Reimage Plus in order to fix your Windows PC, then you’ve come to the right place.  Reimage Repair is an excellent tool that I have personally used to fix a computer that had gone down due to a worm (virus) right in the middle of an important video editing project.  Reimage successfully repaired my computer …

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5 Tech Habits To Break In 2018

A new year is upon us, and with it comes a plethora of new resolutions.  Many people have lofty goals – climbing to Machu Pichu, losing 30 pounds, giving up sugar.  However, for those of us with more realistic expectations, there are a few things that we can add to our New Year’s resolutions that will be simple yet have …

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