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What Is Reimage Repair? Does It Work? Is It Safe?

Q: What Is Reimage Repair?

A:  Reimage Repair is a repair utility that can help fix the Windows operating system from damages caused by viruses and malware without the user having to reinstall Windows.


I‘m often asked the same question by readers in the comments section and over email: What Is Reimage Repair? Does Reimage PC Repair work?  And is it safe?  And I have to admit it’s a great question – it’s very important to do a bit of research before shelling out money for a computer program.  There are many programs out there that are useless and don’t do their jobs very well.  However I can say without a doubt that Reimage is an excellent program that actually does its job amazingly well.

Of course, your success will depend on what type of problem you’re having with your computer.  However if your issues fall within the parameters of what Reimage can fix, you will be saved a lot of time and potentially prevent data loss.

My Personal Experience With Reimage

First things first:  how do I know this?  To answer the question in the most simple way possible: I have used Reimage myself to fix a major computer catastrophe that could have cost me a lot of data as well as time.  As I wrote in my Reimage review on this website, my video editing computer was attacked by the W32/SillyFDC-BK worm which rendered the PC useless, even with Norton 360 attempting to get rid of it; it would just reappear over and over again.

The worst part is that I was in the middle of editing a video project and was at a loss of what to do.  It would have been a very long and tedious process to move my data to a hard drive and reinstall Windows.  I simply didn’t have enough time to do that before I had to have the video project done.

I tried Reimage as a last resort to see if it would help.  Although the process took a few hours, Reimage was able to restore my computer to working order.  I was able to finish my video project without a hitch.

The only problems with Reimage that I could see were that it seemed to cause Windows Updates to run quite a bit when I would turn off my computer.  Eventually this stopped.  I can only think it was because it replaced certain files in Windows.  Also, the Reimage restore may not be as clean and fast as a brand new installation of Windows, but that would be asking a lot from the software.  Sure, nothing beats a clean install of Windows, but some people simply do not have that luxury.


What Reimage Can and Can’t Help With

It’s important to know whether or not the problem that you’re having with your computer is something that Reimage can actually fix.

Reimage won’t fix issues with third party software such as Photoshop or Firefox (although if the reason the third party software won’t run properly is an underlying Windows issue, it may fix it).  Reimage also won’t fix physical problems with your computer such as a broken sound card or a monitor issue.  Reimage is also not an antivirus protection software – you still need to get that separately.

However, Reimage CAN help you with Windows errors, the damage a virus or malware does to Windows, and mysterious problems with Windows such as crashes, freezes, blue screens of death, and more.

What Reimage Can Help With:

  • Chronic Windows errors
  • Damage after a virus or malware infection
  • Mystery problems such as repeated crashes and freezes
  • File corruption problems such as with DLLs
  • Repeated BSODs (Blue Screens Of Death)

What Reimage Cannot Help With:

  • Third party software problems such as problems with Adobe or Firefox (however, if the reason the software won’t run is with a Windows error, then Reimage may help)
  • Physical problems such as a broken keyboard or mouse
  • Will not block viruses or malware


Overall I believe that Reimage is a genius software program that has the ability to save you from some pretty dire Windows problems.  You can download the software for free and run a diagnosis to see if Reimage can detect any problems.  You only have to buy the software if you want it to run the fixes.  If you’re having problems with your Windows computer and you’re at your wit’s end, give Reimage a try!

Click here to visit the Reimage website

Click here to download Reimage

Click here to register Reimage if you’ve already downloaded it

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  1. I agree with every word. I was wary of ReImage at first because it showed up with three warnings in Process Explorer.nHowever, it has saved my life this week when something called PerfectComputer snuck in uninvited and found an impossible 156 “serious errors” in Windows7 OS. Spyhunter 4 got rid of it but it left cookies and so came back acouple of times – but not in the week since I ran reImage – which took 14hrs overnight to complete!

  2. Must be Magic.
    I am a dedicated Windows XP user and Outlook Express.
    I thought my ancient world travelled HP laptop had finally died before me.
    But no.
    Reimage revived my old friend within 90 minutes.

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