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Does Spyhunter 4 Work?

Conduit took over my browser
Conduit took over my browser
When I check the traffic stats for We Hate Malware, I often see people arriving here after searching for information about Spyhunter 4, one of the more popular spyware removal software tools on the market.  Often I see that people have searched for things like whether or not Spyhunter works, or if it’s safe.  And I think that those are very reasonable inquiries!  You can’t trust all the software that is out there.  Some of it just doesn’t work that well or it’s a scam.

In the case of Spyhunter 4 however, the program is very good and I’ve used it myself a few times to clear spyware and malware from my own personal computers.

The first case was when I was doing a review of the software for another website.  My laptop was fairly new, and I didn’t think there would be anything malicious on there yet.  However, Spyhunter sniffed out a couple bad programs that had sneaked their way on without my knowledge.

The second case was a bit more serious.  My video editing PC suddenly became infected with the Conduit search malware.  It basically hijacked my browser and changed a bunch of settings in my browser and on my computer.  I was on a deadline and had to get some projects done for work, and didn’t have time to extract the malware by hand – a process that would have been extremely confusing and might have taken hours.  Instead I fired up Spyhunter on that PC and it found it immediately.  The whole process to get rid of the Conduit fiasco only took me about 6 minutes from start to finish, and my computer has been free and clear ever since.

My Conclusions

So from my personal experience I can give Spyhunter 4 my highest recommendation – it’s saved me in a few real life situations.  So for that I am grateful, and can tell you that if you have any malware on your computer you would like to protect your PC from future infections you should strongly consider Spyhunter.

One of the great things about the software is that it not only protects you from spyware and adware, but it also has advanced rootkit protection which isn’t something that every antimalware program has to offer.  Another great feature is the free Helpdesk support where the team will help you find a customized solution to remove any problems if the software can’t do it right away.

Have you used Spyhunter?  What have your experiences been like?  Write a comment below!


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