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Why You Should Have Secure Online Cloud Storage


Cloud Storage is a service where data is stored on remote servers so it can be maintained, managed and backed up remotely. These servers can be accessed from online or from the “cloud”. It allows users to save and access files online from any location via the internet. Users can back up all kinds of files in the cloud, such as photos, videos, documents, songs, even applications.

Cloud storage is part of cloud computing, a process where you can command , store, manage and control data using 2nd and 3rd party applications and storage space with higher speed and accuracy

A lot of businesses, big and small now prefer cloud services to store digital data. Some of the benefits they have experience include cost savings and the ability to access their data anywhere with an internet connection. Aside from these, the Cloud  can also serve as a backup storage to protect them from hard drive malfunctions and hacker threats.

Here are some reasons why you should consider having a secure cloud storage:

  1. Accessibility

One of the useful  benefits of using a secure cloud storage, is the ability to access your files, such as photos, videos and documents remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.  This also enables you to send and receive files, no matter how big, with ease. You can easily share a file with a link via email without attaching any files.

  1. Security

Every year, the cyber security threats have been rampant and viruses and malwares are getting stronger and more immune to anti-virus software, which  makes our data more and more vulnerable.

There are a lot of good ways to keep your files safe, but using a secure cloud storage can be better.  Many secure online cloud storage providers offer next level encrypted protection, some has even added extra layers of security protocol to keep those threats at bay, and your data safe.

  1. Usability

Most cloud storage providers have apps for different devices, so you can access your files thru your PC or Mac, tablet and Smartphone. It even enables users to simply drag and drop the files in your folder and it will automatically sync in all of your devices. This makes it easier for a user to make changes easily, with whatever device you may have, as long as the app is installed.

  1. Recovery

Every business, big and small, should always have a back up storage in case of emergency. Hard drive malfunction is inevitable, and with these malfunctions mean losing your files and other important data. Keeping these files in a secure cloud storage can protect them from a sudden computer breakdown .  If something happens, you can always access the Cloud and retrieve any files or data that have been  lost or damaged.

  1. Cost savings

Businesses and individuals using secure online cloud storage are more likely to save more, compared to those who are still using external hard drives. Users can save money from maintaining external hard drives and data recovery from malwares or broken hard drives. Additional costs can also be saved because using a cloud storage doesn’t need internal power to store data remotely, o an expensive anti-virus software to protect it against security threats.



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