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Get More Life From An Old Computer

When it comes to solving computer issues there aren’t many options out there for those who aren’t “tech-savvy”.  It seems like you’re either stuck with a slow computer or stuck with a huge repair bill from a shop.  Enter Advanced System Repair Pro: this is a software program designed to simplify computer maintenance tasks in a way that is easy enough for the average computer user to understand and use.

Does this software do what it claims it can do?  Is it worth your time and money?  Read our full Advanced System Repair Pro review below to find out the results of our real-world testing.

For this review, I personally purchased the software to see what the billing and purchase process is like.  I was not given this software to review or asked to write this review – I am doing it voluntarily and with my own money.

Quick Summary TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read):

Advanced System Repair Pro is a winner in terms of an all-in-one system maintenance solution.  This product is very well documented and has undergone a series of third-party tests proving performance increases of 40% for boot times, video conferences, browser performance, and more (data supplied by third party Tolly in their extensive report which you can read here).

It is also a member of several third-party ethical app groups such as AppEsteem.  Overall it’s a very safe product with a great Better Business Bureau rating and support.  The results you get will vary by computer, but most people looking for a product like this will get a pretty sizable boost to their computer performance.

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advanced system repair pro review

Advanced System Repair Pro is full of features designed to help you get the most performance out of a lagging computer.  Most of these functions will be unknown to the average user, but let’s take a look at everything it claims to do:

  • Privacy Files – Will clean up cookies, passwords, and internet browsing history.
  • Junk Files – One of the more useful features, this will get rid of temporary files that are taking up space on your PC.  Sometimes these files are huge and can be a source of disk space loss.
  • Registry Entry Cleaner – Gets rid of errors or outdated registry entries to streamline the Windows registry.
  • Startup Optimizer – Another very useful feature, this will help you remove excess software from booting on startup.  This can be a huge cause of startup lag.
  • System Optimizations – This will tweak some system settings to get snappier performance out of your PC.  If you have a new computer I wouldn’t use this, but on older computers this may help a lot.
  • Driver Updates – Can be very helpful to mass-update drivers that you may not even know are out of date, such as for system hardware.
  • Malware Threats – Quarantines and removes any malware from your PC.
  • Disk Defrag Utility – Another very helpful tool, this makes it very easy to defragment your hard drive.  Drives that have been in use for a long time will typically get a huge performance boost here.
  • Corrupted Files / Errors – Will get rid of any error files or corrupted files that might be lingering on your machine.

Trust Factors: Certifications And Safety – Is Advanced System Repair Pro safe?

Advanced System Repair Pro is one of the most certified software tools I’ve reviewed.  They have several trust certifications from third party organizations such as AppEsteem,, Tolly,  and are “AAA” rated Checkmark Certified by West Coast Labs.

I really like the report from Tolly that showcases a real world result produced by a third party company.  In the report they detail the results of using ASRP on several Windows systems and how much each system improved upon running the software.

It’s notable that the biggest impact on user perception and improvement from these third party tests is in Windows boot speed.

It’s also good to note that TrustPilot has 4,081 user reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5 as of this writing.  Most of the complaints that I see online are about the recurring billing cycle that they use.  However I find these complaints a bit outrageous as it is very clearly stated on their website that they do this.  If you don’t want to keep paying for the product I highly recommend simply sending an email to the billing department right after purchase to ensure that you don’t get rebilled.

Purchase Test

When I purchased the software for myself, the billing process was straightforward.  People should be aware of an upsell for Advanced Privacy Guard that pops up when purchasing the software.  You can decline this.  Again, it’s very clearly marked although if you’re in a rush you might miss it.  Take your time and read the prompts before clicking.  I tested PayPal and Credit Card, and both worked as promised with no hidden fees.  If you use PayPal it’s easier to cancel the recurring billing on your end without the need to contact ASRP.

advanced system repair pro review
My Purchase Receipt

Results And Real World Use

I ran ASRP on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 tablet.  This tablet hasn’t been in use that long so it’s admittedly not the best test system, but I also thought it would be interesting to see if it could even improve the performance of a system that is relatively new (around 1 year in use).  The Tolly report mentioned above gives even more detail about the software performs on older machines.

When I ran the scan there were no false positives, which I thought was nice.  It did not detect any malware, because I don’t have any on this system.  This is important to note because in the past there were some unsavory software tools that would give false reports of malware in order to incite the user to purchase.  With this software, you do not need to worry about that at all.

Overall I highly recommend that you inspect all the changes the software wants to make before you fix them all in one go.  For instance, by default it will delete all your browser cookies and saved passwords.  I do not see saving passwords on your system as a security threat as they are usually well encrypted and if you delete these it might cause you a big headache.

Junk Files

The biggest surprise was 5 gig of “junk files” which are essentially just temporary files that are not necessary to keep around.  5 gig is a lot, especially on a hard drive that is only 128 gig total (half of which is typically used up by Windows and essential software anyway!).  In my case it was mostly coming from Driver Packages and Memory Dumps.

I do not recommend deleting driver packages as this can hurt your ability to install plug and play devices in the future.  As it’s only 1.71 gb, I do not need to delete it anyway.

Memory dumps are safe to delete – these are just crash records from when Windows stops running.

Advanced System Repair Pro

Boot Speed Improvements

The startup optimizer can be especially helpful for people who are experiencing slow bootups.  This will help you analyze which software is hogging resources when you turn on your PC.

I don’t have much software installed on this computer, but you can see that Microsoft OneDrive and Adobe Creative Cloud are taking up a lot of my resources on boot.  However, since I need these programs I will leave them alone.  In your case you may have unnecessary software loading on bootup.  Experiment with these to see what you can prune.

Driver Updates

It was also interesting to note how many of my system hardware drivers were out of date.  Updating drivers can have a noticeable impact on system stability and speed, especially for video drivers.  In my case there were 39 drivers that I could update, ranging from my Intel camera to my Microsoft Surface Display.

Malware Test


“While some system clean-up utilities may focus on a given area, such as driver updates, system registry, or disk fragmentation, ASR provides a complete system repair capability; including a malware detection and removal engine that has, separately to this test, been awarded Checkmark Certification in its own right.”  — West Coast Labs



There were a few times while testing the software that I couldn’t quite figure out how to turn off a feature.  The software interface could definitely benefit from some streamlining, but overall it’s still pretty good.  On a positive note there is an incredible amount of detail hidden in the interface – you can drill down and see exactly what files and folders the software is cleaning up.  Compared to CCleaner it’s MUCH better in this regard.


When contacting support via email to cancel my recurring subscription, they responded within an hour and a half.  There is no obvious phone number to contact them but this is pretty typical.  Still it will knock some points off in our review as we like software to have a phone number.  However, it’s not a deal breaker as this is not a very expensive product and you can still get in touch fairly quickly via email.

Pros And Cons:


  • Gives details about exactly what changes and files it’s working on
  • Wide array of features
  • Extensive list of third party certifications
  • Snappy responses to customer service requests
  • Reasonably priced
  • All in one solution for computer tuning


  • Driver updates weren’t always correct
  • Some system optimization features were for deprecated Windows settings
  • Running all the tools without double checking could lead to unwanted effects (such as deleting saved passwords)

Conclusion – Should You Use This Software?

Advanced System Repair Pro is a great option for those with older machines that want to squeeze a bit more life out them before plunking down money on a new system.  It’s much like the very popular Restoro software program.

As always, we recommend that users make a restore point or an image backup before proceeding – this should be done whether or not you use any software.  It’s always a good idea to have backups of important files.

Those with Windows installations (this software doesn’t work on Macs) will probably be very happy with the amount of hard disk space they can recover and the improvements they see in boot speed.  Obviously all computers are different and some people will see more improvements than others, and this is noted on the ASRP website as well.

So, if you have had it with your computer’s performance and want to give it a second chance, you might seriously benefit from giving this software a try.

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Advanced System Repair Pro

User Friendliness
Customer Support

Highly Recommended

Advanced System Repair Pro is a trustworthy and useful tool that can help PC users get more life out of an old or lagging computer.

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Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years. He currently lives in Southern California.

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