How Safe Is Spyhunter 5?

Q: Is Spyhunter Safe?

A: Spyhunter 5 is a safe and effective antimalware solution to help remove malware, adware, and tracking cookies from your computer and prevent new ones from installing themselves.

Spyhunter 5 running on my PC

One of the most searched for phrases that I see in our visitor statistics is “Is Spyhunter 5 safe” or “Is Spyhunter 5 legit” or something similar.

It seems that a lot of people are finding out about Spyhunter but aren’t sure if it’s real, safe, or trusted.  And I don’t blame them – after I get infected by malware I don’t trust anything anymore.

I will start out by saying that I have personally used Spyhunter 5 to get rid of malware on my computer, and it worked wonderfully and quickly.

It’s a legitimate program published by EnigmaSoft and has been around for about 10 years.  EnigmaSoft works to consistently and constantly update their malware database, and their main website offers some interesting statistics on trending malware and tips on how to avoid it in the first place.


If you’re interested in downloading or purchasing Spyhunter then I encourage you to use these official links so you can ensure you’re getting the program directly from Enigma Software:

Click here to download Spyhunter 5

Click here to visit the Spyhunter main website

Already have the software?  Click here to purchase and register it

Download Spyhunter 5

Visit Spyhunter’s Website


Updates for 2020

Enigma Software continues to keep Spyhunter up to date and on the forefront of the computer security  landscape.  Spyhunter 5 is now AppEsteem certified, meeting stringent trust and safety standards as well as ensuring consumer satisfaction.

Updates for 2018

On June 22, 2018 EnigmaSoft updated Spyhunter to version 5, unveiling a new user interface and updated features.

spyhunter 5 review

They have updated a number of different features including advanced customization as well as integrated rootkit detection protocols.

The new version of the software runs faster and has a new look and feel as well as color scheme.  We like the new version of Spyhunter 5 for now.

EnigmaSoft continues to keep their software up to date and ensure that it is an aggressive competitor in today’s malware environment.  This past June they recently submitted Spyhunter to, an independent software analysis company, for review.  It received a highly favorable score and writeup, which can be found here.

We continue to receive comments regarding the software from our readers, detailing how the program has helped them regain their computer’s performance following a malware or adware infection.

Enigma software also continues to be on the forefront when it comes to the newer threats of “cryptojacking” in which hackers steal some of your processing power to mine cryptocurrency in a large “bot net” relying on the networked power of millions of hijacked computers.

Public Sentiment

It’s a good idea that people do research on programs they are about to buy, so I’m happy that people are looking for reassurance.  I actually did the same search myself just to see what was out there and I found a mixed bag of reactions from professional sites and private users of the software.

Some people loved the program, and others had some complaints.  However it seems that most of the bad reviews that seem to be floating around about Spyhunter 5 are coming from people who believe they have been somehow “tricked” by the software into having to buy it, which is just ignorance on their part.  They haven’t even used the program!

Spyhunter 5 is not a free program.  You can download the software for free and see if it finds malware on your computer, but in order to remove the malware you must buy the software.  This does not mean Spyhunter is unsafe or a scam or “scareware“.  People are just grumpy that they might have to buy something to fix a problem.  These reviews don’t reflect the quality of Spyhunter itself, which is good in my opinion.

Why Pay?

Some people might wonder why they should buy a spyware remover program when there are free options out there.  And this is definitely a valid question.  In my experience, you get what you pay for.  For free stuff, this means you’re sacrificing certain aspects such as frequent spyware definition database updates, customer and tech support, and bug fixes.

When a software program is free to the public, there is much less incentive for the companies that produce it to update it with regularity.

Because Spyhunter is backed by Enigma software and is a major part of their company, they are much more likely to keep it updated.  And they do!  A quick glance at their Facebook page shows that Enigma Software is constantly monitoring the latest threats that circulate on the internet.

If I want the best software to clean up my computer then I have no problem paying a bit of money for a decent program.  I’m very skeptical of free programs as they tend to carry malware themselves.  Free software, in fact, is one of the leading causes of people getting malware in the first place.

The golden rule of computer software is that you get what you pay for.  Free software programs generally do not perform as well as paid ones.  This is why we highly recommend Spyhunter 5 over free malware removers.

My Own Experience

I’ve been in the tech field for many years and I would only use software on my computer that I trust.  Spyhunter 5 made quick work of a very annoying malware infection on my computer called Conduit.  It saved me quite a bit of time, and the entire process was quite easy.  It got rid of the infection and restored my settings back to their original form.

I also went searching for some user testimonials from people who actually USED the program to see what they were saying about the program itself (not whining about the fact that they had to buy something).  I found many many unsolicited happy reviews from users who were quite pleased with the software.  Here is a screenshot I just took from Spyhunter’s very own Facebook page:

 is spyhunter safe

Features Of Spyhunter 5

One thing that tends to win most customers over is the fact that Spyhunter 5 has a plethora of great features that can help you clean up your computer.  Here are a few of the good ones:

  • Gets rid of multiple types of spyware including trojans, rootkits, worms, keyloggers, cookies, adware, and more.
  • Great one on one customer support.  If you’re having an issue their Help Desk will work with you personally to help create a fix if the software is unable to automatically resolve the problem.
  • A “Compact OS” that Spyhunter can boot into in order to remove rootkits–which sometimes cannot be removed if Windows is running.
  • Frequent malware definition updates.  This is the big one and the reason you should pay for a malware and virus solution – daily updates keep your comptuer safe from the latest threats.
  • System guards will detect attempts to change crucial system settings – and block them until you “OK” the changes.
  • A very easy to use interface that’s perfect for all levels of computer expertise.
  • Custom malware fixes – this goes along with the Help Desk feature that enables Enigma to work with you to create a custom fix for your particular problem if the software can’t quite get it.


Overall I highly recommend Spyhunter 5.  It’s a safe and effective program that will make quick work of any spyware, malware, adware, and other junk on your computer.  Sometimes it will find stuff that seems to slip by Norton and other antivirus software programs.  It’s a great addition to a good antivirus program, especially if you tend to browse sites that have a high percentage of problems distributing malware such as adult or gambling sites.

Download Spyhunter 5

Visit Spyhunter’s Website

Click here to download Spyhunter 5

Click here to visit the Spyhunter main website

Already have the software?  Click here to purchase and register it

If you’re on the fence and are having a malware problem, definitely try out Spyhunter.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Have you used Spyhunter? Leave a comment below and tell us how your experience was.

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years. He currently lives in Southern California.


  1. I have been using Spyhunter for a few years, and have been more than satisfied with its performance. Ii am happy to pay the fee to use it. It and Malwarebytes used to be fairly ‘equals’, but each caught a few things the other didn’t. Mostly in the tracking spyware and in the browser highjacking software.
    Over the last couple of years, Spyhunter took a giant leap over Malwarebytes in its ability to catch these types of spyware. Malwarebytes either whitelisted many of them, or it just isn’t flagging them.

  2. Spyhunter is an excellent antivirus, Best one i’ve ever used considering it’s updated nearly daily automatically, It has taken down every virus i’ve ever dealt with while programs like malwarebytes and even mcaffee havent noticed any issues.

  3. I am very happy with Spyhunter 4. I was experiencing dreadful slowdown on my nice new gaming laptop and I suspected there was malware on there. I tried a number of antimalware programs which I just feel is not ethical to complain them by name, but none of them could pick up anything. Bottom line is ONLY Spyhunter could find the culprit, which turned out to be Rogue.AntiSpyware Program. Since that was very quickly and easily removed, I am flying again! Hip, hip hooray for Spyhunter which is a one of a kind simply awesome product!

  4. I agree with this article completely, it really is quite a trustworthy program. I find it ridiculous that so many people seem to call this spyware. I have been using the free version of this myself for years, as a scanner which I would then use with ADWcleaner to remove the files, and manually clean up the remaining viruses by accessing the registry myself. I had a trojan on my computer, as well as a bunch of viruses in my browser that only spyhunter would detect, despite the fact that I knew some of them were there, I then went in to the registry at the location that it specified, deleted the registry point, re-scanned and it was gone. It’s sort of sad that people seem to think this is scareware, because this really is effective, good software. If the viruses were just invented to make you pay for their software, then it would make no sense that later scans after i ran a removal my computer would actually tell me I was virus free, it only leads me to believe that the reasons the viruses went away, is because they existed.

    It has a bunch of good features, such as telling you the magnitude of the viruses your computer is effected by, as well as some details of what it does.

    Sadly most are mislead in thinking of this as a scam just because the company is lesser known. I do see people complaining that it detects an unusually large amount of viruses, but this is mostly due to the fact that spyhunter lists things that it suspects of being viruses, but it only lists these as low magnitude, and “potentially unwanted”. There is a reason it says “potentially” and that is because there are some things that the program is simply unsure of, so it lists. User discretion is advised.

  5. I have been using spy on to 4 for just over six months and it does what it says it is and that is an anti-spyware program not an anti-viral program.

    I have been computing since 1975, and I think it’s one of the best and most honest programs that there is. It doesn’t claim to detect viruses, but it has detected viruses for me where other programs like AVAST and TotalAV have failed miserably. I would recommend this to anyone

  6. As a radio presenter, I regularly churn out nearly 20 hours of programming a week on a Community station, with little or no response to my efforts on the air. People are people, and they will never phone in to say they enjoyed a program or even if they hated it. Like them, I am a ‘people,’ and have exhibited the same traits as my fellow listeners. I took a chance and downloaded SpyHunter a couple of days ago, after an agonizing 2 months of encrypted Malware invaded my computer. I would now like to express my gratitude to the instigators of the program, which has completely restored my ageing computer to its wonderful operational glory. Many thanks!! I would like to think that there are numerous others globally, who have found similar joy at the success of SpyHunter to relieve their computer of viruses and suchlike, but who have remained silent about their expression of praise for giving them relief from hair-pulling, fits of anger and episodes of rage. Sadly, they are part of the Silent Majority who won’t give credit where credit is far overdue! Thanks again . . . KB – Queensland, Australia.

  7. I inadvertently installed chrome font.exe which is the latest efforts by spora ransomware. The malware encrypted all of my document files and photos (.docx, xls, pdf, jpg) I initially used malware bytes but it seemed to get stuck I also tried other anti malware software but none could detect spora except SpyHunter 4. I paid for the software and it cleaned up my drive and a few other spyware, adware objects as well. I’m very happy with the results although my files could not be restored due to the encryption but a backup copy assisted in that.

  8. I’ve been using SpyHunter and RegHunter for 2 years now and find that the peace of mind they have provided has made my online experience that much better. These runs daily, cleans up those pesky unwanted malaware issues and also keep my registry in pristine comndition. The end result is a PC that runs smoothly and efficiently. Some say it’s more expensive, but what do I care, I don’t feel the need to look for alternatives as I don’t have that nagging feeling that something has slipped past the radar which is going to cause my system to come crashing down. I highly recommend these products, I feel safe having them operate in the background, SpyHunter lets me know when changes are being requested and I have the choice to accept or reject these (usually when I initiate programmes that I know do what SpyHunter is letting me know is about to happen); it also has an easy way to unblock software that I may have blocked in error which I find very handy. So, though SpyHunter may not be this months flavour, it is effective, consistent and reliable which is all that matters. Thanks for letting people know it’s not the ogre that some are claiming it to be.

    1. I have used spy hunter enigma software for the best part of the last 10 years and I have got to say that it is outstanding it will remove anti key loggers and all that is nasty on the internet. Yes it is a charged for service,but well worth having on your pc it simply does not mess around it removes garbage off your pc. in fact it is really an anti virus product and would be able to stand alone. although I use a paid for anti virus,but Spy Hunter is always a great back up if the frontline product falters. One other thing you can use the software on as many pc’s as you feel necessary Very good value for money.

  9. I’ve been running SpyHunter4 and LastPass for a couple years, side by side.

    In the last day or two, SpyHunter 4 decided that files associated with LassPass were Adware:Yealt.

    Not knowing what the “Yealt” items were associated with, I “Fixed” the threat. Result. LastPass was non-functional. Malwarebytes has not had a problem with these files, nor has Kaspersky, for what that’s worth.

    I highly suspect SpyHunter decided in the last database update to make a change that has caused this. I have contacted SpyHunter for support, but for now I am leaving the files in place.

  10. I have been using spyhunter 4 since 2014 on my Dell inspiron i5.. All i can say is that i am in love with this tool.. I have recommended my all friends to use it on their laptop pcs too. It makes my laptop lighter and helps me get the maximum out of my laptop in performance..

  11. I have had big problems for 3 months with my internet connection keeping on being hijacked and turned off and attempts to get into the BIOS to run utilitiess bowing blocked at every turn. I tried everything my Anti virus etc programme {McAfee} had to offer to no avail I also tried Malwarebytes Anti Malware with chameleon but that was being blocked when being run. Finally I tried Spyhunter 4 and Reghunter and bang, 15 nasties found and immediately dispatched upon purchase. The system is spotless now and running lightning quick again doing everything asked of it with no suspicious activity. An expensive purchase but well worth it to me as i was at my wits end.

  12. Just don’t believe when googleing for review SpyHunter like sites toptenreviews or wich pop-ups
    first at google research, pcmag is a joke of a noob site and mislead customers, same with toptenrevieuws
    it’s like all the big company’s get paid to get in the first 10 places, i had last week a autoit.cuk virus on my pc
    i left it on purpose on my PC and downloaded all the so-called BEST trojan/malware/spyware/adware removers, Malwarebtyes-IObit-Spybot-Comodo-SuperAntispyware etc. just for testing, not one of them saw it, ONLY Spyhunter, because of all those bad reviews about SpyHunter i doubted to, just find out yourself!

      1. Many of those are likely tracking codes or cookies. When evaluating Spyhunter’s results it’s important to take a look at what types of malware and spyware it comes back with. A lot of cookies aren’t always a bad thing. However just one piece of malware such as a keysniffer is bad news.

  13. Browser hi-jacked, Trojans , Malware you name it I got it.
    254 problems found, Purchased SpyHunter 4, very fast to complete and remove all.
    After a re-boot the computer was as it would be after a new install.

    Good value at 31.00 GBP

  14. I just bought a spy hunter account now after my 1 month old computer got alot of malware through my not good web habits 😉 ive never really noticed malware in my life but noticed new tabs opening in chrome with stuff ive never clicked on.. tried fixing it my self but no good. avg didnt even detect these. i bit the bullet and spent the $58NZD it wanted after it detected 2 trojans and 58 registry malware values. computer running nice and new again. i just click on what ever i want now and spyhunter tells me if i can or not lol. 10 minutes after spyhunter cleaned my computer it popped up saying a file is trying to execute. one of which i didnt click on. so i know its working 🙂

  15. Hi – I agree that Spyhunter4 is very effective. I sometimes get various annoying adware and special offer type issues ( I click too fast…). Spyhunter has always cleaned up where other stuff fails. Their help desk is great – which is rare. I had one annoying residual piece of adware I couldn’t remove. They sent me a specific piece of code to run – problem solved. It may me expensive but it certainly is genuine.

  16. I am sharing this because I believe if you find a REALLY GOOD product, you should tell others. Case in point: I took a chance (should have known better and researched it first) and downloaded SnapMyScreen. It worked great BUT it completely highjacked my Mozilla Firefox, would not allow me to change any settings and would not allow me to do any searches. I was completely stuck!After researching SpyHunter4 and reading the testimonials, I took a chance, downloaded it, and ran it– boy, am I glad I did! It found at least a dozen embetted instances of malware installed by this hijacker. It also found much more and nuked those, too: 4 Trojans, Conduit, and others. Now my computer is back to normal. To have this ongoing protection that is very effecrive…it is well worth the $ 39.95. Thank you SpyHunter4!

  17. Been using SpyHunter 4 for 3 months now and have found it to be well worth the purchase price. It finds and removes all spyware, adware, malware, etc… that infects my computer through normal browsing habits. I have tried numerous other products (and had them installed at the same time as SpyHunter) but they rarely detected anything. If you doubt me, go play “Words with Friends” on Facebook, run a scan with whatever virus detection you have now and see what it comes up with, then run a custom cookie scan using SpyHunter. You will immediately see everything that your other program failed to detect. SpyHunter has my computer running fast, smooth and efficient. Simply put, the $40.00 is well worth it.

  18. I just used Spyhunter 4 in the last day to get rid of safsearch in my Chrome Omni Box. It caught it on the first scan and as said above I had to purchase for them to remove it along with 205 other things they said they caught. I had my laptop to 3 different repair places and no one could fix it. Between them and myself we ran malwarebytes numerous times along with PC cleaners etc. and nothing would resolve the problem. I spent over $100 on diagnostic with repair people with nothing to show for it. It cost me $39.99 for Spyhunter and they fixed the problem. I was getting ready to buy a new laptop so I could just start over. So only one day into this I feel this was the best money I spent.

  19. From my initial enthusiasm, posted above, I am now having doubts about its efficacy. If stuff works, I am happy to pay for it. However, the ONLY malware it allegedly finds on my laptop is Conduit. Time and time again when I run Spyhunter, Conduit pops up. So it is NOT cleaning my laptop at all.

    For an entirely unrelated reason I did a clean install of W7 this week, even using DBAN to fully wipe the drive first. The first run of Spyhunter and Conduit was found. Go figure.

    I am very careful when browsing and don’t visit dodgy sites, so how is it Conduit keeps popping up, time and time again, and why isn’t Spyhunter ridding me of it? I shall not be renewing my subscription.

  20. Yes I used them against Conduit and it worked well. The way they sell their software could use some tweaking however. I bought the first time not realizing it was for a six month term and they would auto renew every six months. Question: any close relationship between them and Conduit? WOT has them on full red alert, which influenced me to not renew after the first year because I did not know if I could trust them.

    1. I’m not sure why WOT has them on alert. I think that’s misinformed of them. It might have to do with complaints from people who somehow think the software is free (when it clearly says it is not). Those people then call it a “scam” for some reason, which is not true. Nobody is scamming them, they just thought they were getting a free lunch. I also highly doubt there’s any sort of relation between them and Conduit though. Time to get out the tinfoil hats 😉

  21. Last week I had a pop up warning stay on my screen and it said to phone this number for help.I could not get it to leave so I phoned the number. I talked to a real person and I gave him control so that he could fix it. Long scary story led to my Internet on my laptop not able to be used on google chrome and I can’t use you tube. Internet on my phone works. That is why I can write this to you.
    Would Spy Hunter be able to fix a problem that two men that I let have control of my laptop internet?


    1. Hi Lynda – in this case I would take your PC into a professional. Unfortunately as you have somehow given access to this third party it may have gone beyond the simple problem of removing malware.

  22. I’ve used Spyhunter since 2012 ……..I run a powerful laptop bought in 2008 that runs as fast as the day I bought it !! …I’ve used all the major “so called” anti virus programs out there AV* Kas, Mc and none of them have prevented my comp from becoming infected …Since 2012 I have only had one major infection which was resolved by contacting spyhunter and installing an updated version …I’ve been given the task of sorting infected computers (from relatives) and installing Spyhunter to resolve the problem …and each time it worked !! They all had so called anti virus programs installed … Yes Spyhunter costs me £50 a year ……(2 x 6 month subscription) but it works ……. The scammers are the useless so called legit anti virus programs ,,,that do not do as they say !!

  23. Tried downloading malwarebytes, hit man pro, spybot, avg, adw cleaner and even manually cleaning out the virus – but none work. They claim that all viruses are wipped out but untrue. Default browser still appeared to be aqovd and Decided to give spyhunter4 a go by doing a quick scan. Surprisingly there were still 49 mal wares in my laptop. paid 50aud and viola! All the viruses were gone.

    It’s a good investment if u do not want to waste time trying out all the free software that claims to remove all the malware on your computer’s.

  24. I suppose I am like many in that I do use freeware products, but only those that are respected and known to be safe. Yes, there are some out there. I have installed malwarebytes, Spybot, TDSS Killer, and Emsisoft Emergency Kit in addition to my usual security software from Bullguard so I have always felt safe, even when investigating new freeware products to try out. After trying them, assuming they get past Bullguard, if I don’t want them, I use Iobit uninstaller to get rid of them and then run all four programs to do a full sweep of my laptop to see it anything is found. Only rarely is something flagged up, and sometimes false positives, but this is fine. The other day I spotted a link to Spyhunter 4 whilst idly trawling the net and decided to run its scan which flagged up the Conduit browser hijacker. Before paying to uninstall I immediately ran all my security programs, and NONE found it! So money well spent, and well done Spyhunter.

  25. I have been using Spyhunter 4 for about 4 months now and I was a fence sitter concerning its effectiveness. My PC got infected with Free2Save malware which completely destroyed Google Chrome usage. I ran Spyhunter, which had two runs and then had to re-install Chrome. Everything came back 100%. Spyhunter gets my vote. Recommend to everybody, it really does work and works well!

  26. Rather than comment on the effectiveness of Spyhunter4 at removing malware/spyware, which I’ve seldom had to use it for but have done with success a few times, I’ll point out a feature I especially like and haven’t found in other utility software (paid or free): Proxy Protection with active notification. Some software applications may change your proxy settings on your PC without any notification of that being done. Well, Spyhunter4 will catch such activity and provide a notification regarding it so that you can allow that change or preserve your current proxy settings. The feature is called Internet Explorer Proxy Monitor, but it benefits any browser that uses the Internet Options established via the Windows Control Panel. I’ve seen cases where the application that changed the proxy was failing to properly reset it upon application exit, so I’ve come to make it a habit of denying the proxy change when Spyhunter4 notifies me of the occurrence. Rarely do I even find denying the proxy change as impacting the application that was trying to make the change in the first place, so the only extra feature I might like to see in Spyhunter4 is a way to always block proxy changes but provide a brief notification when that occurs so that I still remain advised of such activity without having to actively close the notification window.

  27. Based on this review I just went ahead and purchased Spyhunter4 to get rid of something I clicked on when I should not have and was immediately deluged with ads on everything! (Coupoon was one of several) ..Spyhunter took it all off and my computer is running nicely again! THANKS for writing the detailed description of this product! I did a couple free things prior to this, but that was a waste of time (yuo get what you pay for as they say) — this purchase was the best $30 I’ve spent —the program is easy to use and I highly recommend it!

  28. I too first got introduced to Spyware when I had the Conduit virus. It got rid of it quickly. I’ve had Spyhunter for several years now and feel more secure with it. Another plus is that if there’s anything you don’t understand or need help with, they’re very quick to reply when you submit a support ticket. All in all, a small investment for protection.

  29. I have used Spyhunter 4 for a year and a half. Probably 3 times a week I check and usually find tracking software or root kits of some sort (taskmgr, conduit, etc) on my PC. I recently inadvertently downloaded the silly Propccleaner program. Spyhunter said I had 83 infections as a result and removed every one of them. The cost is $40 every 6 months but in my first year of ownership (bought in April 2014) Kaspersky never did find an infection while Spyhunter eliminated dozens.

  30. SpyHunter worked wonderfully for me to remove Razor Web Adware. It required several scans, but now I am clean. Support was great. One last remote access check made sure that everything was removed.

  31. Downloaded and Registered SpyHunter4. After an All Nighter trying to get rid of Razor Adware (MalwareBytes and SpyHunter, submitted a Ticket for SpyHunter Support. Response included to run SpyHunter twice in Safe Mode, then again twice in Normal Boot. First pass in SpyHunter caught another 100+ issues, 2nd Pass No Issues. On 3rd pass now in Normal Mode. No New issues. Will run the recommended 4th pass. Then check Chrome, FireFox and IE for any extensions… Hoping for the best. This Razor Adware is nasty, making the Internet completely unusable, hijacking links even to try to get removal support.

  32. I ran into a Trojan virus. I’ve uninstalled many bad programs (some actually remained afterwards, like ninja loader and weatherbug) from my laptop. I searched for solutions on line, and I stumbled upon ways to permanently uninstall pesky programs, and a suggestion was SpyHunter4. Not knowing what the heck it was, I searched and found this thread, as well as reviews that gave the program 2-3/10. And I’m just curious as to why such a poorly received program like this would cost more than a penny. I never purchased anything over the web, because I’m paranoid that my bank accounts will be robbed. I’m tempted to actually buy this, but, that little voice, man. It’s screaming loud at me!

  33. been online for over 18 years now, had my fair share of viruses, luckily over time I learned to tackle 95%+ of them, however as Bill mentioned, it is bloody time-consuming. Always tried downloading some anti-virus program which scans showing virus is present. I never dug into my pocket to purchase one. A year ago I had a lightning toasting every device I had plugged to my internet, long story cut short, I build myself a mega one. 6 months ago, a bug entered my system, almost a total hijack. After an intensive research I came back to spyhunter, I had downloaded it years back, never bought it, this time I was desperate cause I did not have anytime to waste, it cleaned my system up, everything came back to normal in a three hour scan, six months since I had it now, not much use, but I am happy it is parked in my programs.

  34. I have Malware Bytes installed but that hasn’t prevents something called from getting on my computer. Malware Bytes can’t detect it to remove it. I’ve looked in the Program file through Microsoft Control Panel and there’s nothing called “fun” in it. I’m at my wits end because it’s causing such problems. However, I’m leery of downloading a software program I’m unfamiliar with. Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Beth, Spyhunter is pretty easy to use. You can download it for free to scan your computer to see if it detects If it does, you can purchase the full version of the software to remove it (unfortunately it’s not free). If it doesn’t detect it you can uninstall Spyhunter from your PC safely without being charged anything. Let me know if you have any other questions, and let us know how you make out!

  35. My daughter got into hot water by downloading a music video that she wanted via her school laptop. Consequently her laptop was bombarded by adsales etc, I tried the usual manual edits to rid her of the problem but the junk remained resident because it was being intialised as Chrome fired up. I needed a bit more assistance than google could provide – discovered SpyHunter and it fixed 119 malicious entries in no time.

    Mummy and SpyHunter to the rescue. Thank you kindly!

  36. Spy Hunter 4 is probably the best virus, malware and resistry fixer on the market. Very difficult to get rid of malware infected my computer. I tried a lot of remedies, but Spy Hunter was the only one that worked.
    I highly recommend Spy Hunter 4.

  37. I did something silly and said yes, install. Then I found advertising all over my web programs. I was able to uninstall the program (a pain in the #$%# called Zombie News). I thought all was good. My ZoneAlarm picked up a few oddities and removed them but when I reopened Chrome I still had the zombie news problems… still. I then installed firefox and tried to use it instead… and there it was Zombie News rubbish. I looked to remove any add-ons to both Chrome and Firefox but there was nothing listed.

    So I tried scanning with SpyHunter4. ZombieNews got picked up in the scan as well as a surprising number of other possible problems including the ZoneAlarm Toolbar! It was obviously comprehensive! I decided to get rid of everything (I never used the ZoneAlarm toolbar anyway). I clicked clean up… and it said I had to register the product and pay for it before I was able to actually clean my computer up. It was my fault for not reading the details… and no harm was done by doing the scan… so I bought it.

    End result… my computer has cleaned up nicely. Slightly out of pocket but glad I didn’t have to spend hours trying to clean my computer up.

  38. I have also had the pleasure of using SpyHunter4. I had a couple of annoying malware extensions running in Chrome (MySearch and SkypeEmoticon) and had tried several other procedures without any luck. SpyHunter 4 not only eliminated these pesky extensions, but found a ton of other crap. I paid for it because I wanted that stuff gone. I’m very careful when I am online, but you can’t catch everything these days, which is a shame.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Matt! It’s great when a program does what it says it will, isn’t it?

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