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Best Spyware Remover Software For 2018

TL/DR: Our top pick for the best spyware remover software for 2017 is Enigma Software’s Spyhunter 5.  This is based on my own personal experience removing spyware off of my own personal computer using this software.  It works.

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With more and more of our daily transactions occurring online, it’s even more important than ever to ensure that your personal data is completely safe from prying eyes.  It’s well known that cyber crime goes up every year, and it seems like every few months someone gets ahold of my credit card number and goes on a spending spree.

The best way to protect your data is to ensure that your computer is completely free of any viruses and spyware.  There are specific programs made to remove spyware, and these can be slightly different from antivirus software programs.  Therefore it’s not only important to have a good antivirus program but ALSO a good spyware remover software tool.

The Best Spyware Remover Software For 2018: Spyhunter 5

After trying out several different spyware removal software solutions and writing about them, I’m going to save you some time and give you my personal recommendation: Spyhunter 4 from Enigma Software.  This is not only based on my own experience writing reviews for this website, but also my own experience in removing spyware from my own personal computer.  So, not only do I recommend this software, but I use it myself and I have used it in the past to get rid of spyware infections on my own computer.

Advantages of Spyhunter 5

There are a multitude of spyware removal software programs on the market, so what makes Spyhunter 5 so great?  There are a few reasons.  A lot of those other spyware removal software programs might be “free” versions of their bigger brothers, and you get what you pay for.  Spyhunter 5 is frequently updated by their team of software engineers and provides protection from the latest malware threats.  And if you know malware, you know there’s a new threat every day.  When it comes to your personal data, it’s always in your best interest to spend a little extra to get the protection you need.

Enigma Software’s Help Desk

Spyhunter 5 is unique among spyware removal software tools in that it has a HelpDesk feature that provides you with one on one assistance from Enigma’s team.  If Spyhunter can’t get rid of the problem automatically, the HelpDesk support will work with you to create a unique fix for your computer.  Sometimes people might happen upon a rather sticky problem, and this is where the HelpDesk feature shines.

Ease Of Use

Spyhunter 5 is a very easy to use software program that will be a cinch for even the most average of computer users.  Download and installation is quick and painless, and you’ll be running in no time.  Doing the scan is as simple as pressing a button, and all the results and information are clearly laid out.


I wouldn’t recommend Spyhunter 5 if it wasn’t effective.  As I wrote earlier in this article, I’ve used the software a few times myself whenever I have had a run-in with a malware infection.  When my computer was overtaken by the Conduit adware/malware I used Spyhunter 5 to get it off ASAP.  I’ve also had many people write in to this blog and comment on the effectiveness of the software.

Word Of Mouth

As I stated above, Spyhunter 5 has great results–so much so that people have come back time and time again to comment on how well it worked for them:


Spyhunter 5 Features

Spyhunter 5 has a great suite of features that make it unbeatable in the spyware removal world:

  • Removes various types of malware and spyware such as trojans, worms, keyloggers, rootkits, cookies and adware.
  • Excellent customer support: if you’re having a problem that can’t be solved by the software alone, the HelpDesk will help you create a customized solution to your issue.
  • Advanced rootkit protection — Some rootkits cannot be removed while Windows is running, so Spyhunter 5 has a “Compact OS” that it  can boot into in the even that you have a rootkit infection.
  • Timely malware definition updates – one of the big reasons that you want to get a paid program.  This ensures that your malware defenses are always up to date.
  • Advanced system protection that alerts and detects against changes to crucial Windows files and settings.  You can then either continue to block them or turn the software off to allow the changes.
  • Extremely easy to use interface that is accessible to all levels of computer expertise.
  • Customized malware fixes – if your malware strain is not removable by the software itself, Enigma will work with you to create a customized fix tailored to your specific problem.


If you’re having a problem with malware right now, or you just want to protect yourself from future infections, I highly recommend Spyhunter 5.  The software scan is free of charge, and they also have an excellent refund policy if you buy the software but for some reason aren’t satisfied.  Overall it’s a no-risk way to go.

Click here to download Spyhunter 5

Click here to visit the Spyhunter main website

Already have the software?  Click here to purchase and register it

If you’re on the fence and are having a malware problem, definitely try out Spyhunter.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years. He currently lives in Southern California.

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