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Choosing a Tech-Friendly House

Moving to a new place? When you’re hunting for a house, make sure that you take into account the space that you’ll need for the family computers. In many cases, a house is staged without items like desktop computers, printers, and other necessary items. The realtor or staging company wants to create the illusion of ample space, so if a computer is shown at all, it is likely a laptop, without any peripheral items.

In real life, you have a lot more than a laptop to place. You have a desktop or two, or three. You may have sets of speakers to go with each desktop computer. Depending on the ages and needs of your family members, you may have multiple printers for printing out school reports or scanning work documents.

Study Space

Pick a house that has space for a study for you and your partner, especially if one of you works from home. If you have school-aged children, each of them needs a spacious bedroom, one that can accommodate a desk. The desk must be big enough for them to do their written homework, plus it needs an area for the laptop, for computer-related assignments.

Gaming Grotto

Got a gamer in the family? Look for a recreation space in a basement or in an extra-large bedroom where your gaming enthusiast can set up a massive gaming rig, complete with high-quality speakers, multiple monitors, and a big, comfortable chair.

Socket Census

When you view a house, take careful note of the available electrical sockets and internet jacks. In older homes, electrical outlets are not always abundant. Think about the lamps, chargers, printers, monitors, speaker sets, and other electronics you plan to have, and decide whether or not the house can comfortably accommodate your lifestyle.

Cable Conundrum

You’ll be frustrated if you move in only to discover that you have to purchase ultra-long cables and run them every which-way in order to get enough power sources for your computers, speakers, and other items. Ideally, your new home should be arranged so that the spot where you want to put your computer desk has all the right outlets and connections right at your fingertips. Think about how your furniture will fit in the space and whether or not you’ll have space to hide away power strips and cords.

ISP Interests

Make sure that the local internet support is excellent. If you choose a home located far outside the city, the selection for an internet service provider may be severely limited, and the speeds you get may not be as fast as you would like. Weigh the advantages of the area against any potential difficulties with your ISP and your internet speeds at the new place.

Tech-Savvy Team

It’s not a decision you can make alone! Get your family members, roommates, or the other members of your household involved in the choice of a new home. Each person has a different perspective, and someone may see an issue that you have overlooked, saving you from a costly mistake. Working as a team, you and your family can find the right home for yourselves and for your tech.

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years. He currently lives in Southern California.

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