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Although Microsoft Outlook is a great email management tool, it’s not without its problems.  One of the biggest problems that people encounter is a PST file error where the .pst file that stores all of your email information including emails, attachments, email addresses, calendar entries, and more becomes damaged, corrupted, or too large.  Although this isn’t a very common problem, it’s nonetheless a very scary and costly one.

“PST” stands for Personal Storage Table and is where Outlook stores all of the above mentioned information.  It’s a file just like any other, however, and is susceptible to problems.  Thankfully Stellar Outlook PST Repair is a very easy to use software program that can help restore and repair a damaged .pst file and get you back up and running no time.  With a slick and easy to use interface, it’s a godsend for people having nightmarish .pst issues.  The software has also been newly updated to version 5.0 so it’s even better than ever.

If you’re in a hurry to try it out before reading the rest of this review, you can download the software here and run it before purchase to see if it will be able to help you resolve your problem (downloads from official website, not us):

Download Stellar PST Repair (15 mb)

Why Is My PST File Corrupted?

File corruption and damage can result from several things.  One of the most common ways a file can become corrupted is an incomplete shutdown, power outage, or surge.  This can damage files that are open or are in the process of being saved or updated.  Hardware failure is another common cause.  A third very common cause of issues is a virus attack.  Viruses and malware can go for .pst files to damage or corrupt them.


Stellar Outlook PST Repair is designed to look similar in nature to Outlook itself, which helps reduce the learning curve.  Most people should be able to jump right in after installing the software and figure out the basic functions without having to read any instructions.   The software is clean and easy to read, and runs quickly on our test computer.


How It Works

This software uses a scan and fix model.  Simply run the software and it will scan your computer for any corrupt .pst files.  It will then diagnose the individual file for errors and corrupt parts.  Finally it will save a NEW and fixed version of the .pst in a separate, easy to find location.  This means that the software will NOT damage your original .pst file in any way — you don’t have to worry about the software either not working right or damaging your files further (which would be rare anyway).  You can then open the new .pst file and use it in Outlook like before.

What It Can Solve

Stellar PST Repair can help fix a variety of common Outlook .pst errors including corrupt files, files that are over the 2GB file size limit, as well as a number of other errors including

  • “Outlook.pst can not be accessed – 0x80040116″
  •  “An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040119″
  •  “An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040600″
  •  “pst has reached maximum size limit”
  •  “OL2000: Unable to Use Your Personal Folder File if it Exceeds the 2 GB Size Limit”

Additionally, the software can help you do several things:

  • Recover deleted emails that have been emptied from the deleted items bin
  • Recover ALL your data including calendar entries, notes, contact info, custom folders, and more.
  • Fix .pst files even if they are password protected
  • Preserve HTML and other formatting specifics in the recovered file
  • Fix and restore encrypted files

What Is It Compatible With?

This software should be compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2002, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007,
Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013.


In researching this product I have found that many people have used Stellar PST Repair with great success.  Here are some screenshots from some forums where users are discussing the software:




This is a very lightweight, easy to use software program that can really save the day if you’re being faced with a PST file disaster.  I know what it’s like to have important and irreplaceable file get damaged or corrupted, and being able to fix situations like this is worth its weight in gold.  If you’re having a .pst issue then I suggest trying out this software to see if it can help you out.

Click Here To Try Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair  (downloads from official site)

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If you're having issues with a corrupt or damaged Outlook PST file, this program could save your life. Easy to use, safe, and effective we definitely recommend giving this a try.

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