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Unreleased Sony Movies Hacked And Put On Torrent Sites

Sony Pictures reported that a few of its recently released and a few unreleased motion pictures were hacked this weekend and leaked to file sharing sites.  The films affected include the unreleased “Annie” remake as well as “Mr. Turner” and “Still Alice”.  The Brad Pitt movie “Fury” was also stolen.

Some are suspecting that the hack was apparently carried out by a group calling themselves #GOP (no affiliation to the actual political party) which had claimed to have breached the Sony network earlier this week.  Sony had to shut down part of its film and TV network after the hack was noticed in order to patch the hole and stop the attack.  #GOP stated that the data they held would be released if their “terms” were not met.  It’s unknown to the press at this time what the “terms” exactly were.

Sony Pictures told employees to shut down their computers and turn off WiFi on their phones and not access network to look at emails or other similar things.

Sony has been the target of several hacking attempts recently.  Last week a hacker group calling themselves “DerpTrolling” claimed to have released thousands of usernames and passwords to the PSN Network, 2K Games, and Windows Live.  In August the Playstation Network was taken down by a DDoS attack.  And in 2011 that same network was the target of a more severe hack that exposed the user logins and passwords of over 100 million users.

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