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We Hate Malware is a user-focused website helping people stay up to date on how to secure their computer against the latest security, malware, virus, and other nasty software threats.  We also want to help your computer experience get better, so we will post tips and tricks, informational articles, and interest pieces pertaining to PC usage.

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  1. Sirs:
    I was skeptical of Spyhunter 4 which i used “FREE” to clear my computer of “offers by Boost”. When I was informed that I needed to spend $40 bucks to rid my computer of the Boost “feature”. Ultimately, I tried to uninstall the Spyhunter when I was then informed that a new lower price of $10 was available. I got sucked in and paid the $10 bucks. Spyhunter then went to work and cleared my computer of 731 issues (a number I have no way of confirming) The Boost offers have disappeared!! The program seems to work. I am sure that in a 1/2 year I will be prompted for a continuation payment of $40 bucks ( seems high ).

  2. Dear sirs

    I want to congratulate you on your work here at “We hate Malware”, keep up the good work. I’m a Portuguese IT Consultant, and I’ve being working on end point domestic user security for the paste decade. It’s great to see a good work like the one you provide. I’ve made an article in my blog about your site and excellent work.
    If you ever need to translate your work into Portuguese I will more than happy to collaborate with that task. Thank you in advance.

    Francisco Pereira

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