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One of the most annoying things about owning a computer is that over time it tends to get slower and slower.  This is universal; it happens to all computer operating systems.  When it comes to Windows, however, there seem to be many different culprits that can add to the sluggish performance of your once-fast computer.  The good news is that you can often speed things up using a few software tools.  One of those tools is RegCure Pro from ParetoLogic software.  This program has been around for a long time and is one of the most well-known computer maintenance tools on the market.

What It Does

RegCure Pro is a registry cleaner for the Windows operating system.  The Windows registry is a complex file tree system that sorts out all sorts of critical system settings.  Some of these settings include your desktop wallpaper, your default printer, your network settings, and even your mouse speed.  Those are the simple ones.  The registry entries can get complex and software-specific.

Sometimes the registry gets corrupted, damaged, or too large.  This can happen in a variety of ways.  Sometimes when a new version of a software program is installed it ends up conflicting with the registry entries of the older version.  Viruses and malware can add, delete, or corrupt existing registry entries, causing havoc for the operating system.  All in all the registry can be a source of problems.

Fixing the registry by hand or cleaning it out is not really an option unless you’re a tech wizard.  If you try to do it yourself you could end up hurting your computer even more.  That’s where software such as RegCure Pro comes in.  This program has been fine tuned over the years to be a powerful registry cleaner that can scan the entire registry in minutes and remove any unnecessary or corrupted entries.

How It Can Help

A registry cleaner can help you keep your computer clean and tidy by removing all the excess registry entries with just a few clicks, ensuring that your Windows operating system is running in a streamlined way.  It can also help remove registry entries left behind by viruses and malware; even if you remove a virus or malware program it may sometimes leave behind registry entries.

Registry cleaners are very common; they are often included in many system utility programs.

A registry cleaner won’t help with certain hardware or software issues, however.  Registry cleaners were once promoted as a “cure all” for any computer problem; but that’s not the case.  Registry cleaners will only help you out if you have a registry-related problem.



RegCure Pro is also a great all around computer maintenance software program; it can help optimize other areas of your computer such as programs that load into memory when you boot up your computer as well as clean up your browsing history and remove duplicate files.  RegCure used to just be a registry cleaner, but ParetoLogic has turned it into a full featured software suite.

Some of the main features of this software include:

  • An advanced registry cleaner that can help remove unnecessary registry entries
  • Boot manager where you can stop software from loading when you boot up your computer
  • A disk defragment utility that helps to organize your hard drive so that scattered parts of files are put back together – improving speed and performance
  • Removal of active malware, spyware, and many viruses
  • Get rid of junk and duplicate files and folders in your system and in your files
  • Manage restore points easily so you can ensure your data is safe
  • Locate software to open unknown file extensions

Our Test

We ran RegCure on an old IBM laptop that had been in service for a while to see what it could help with.  The main problem for that laptop was a very slow boot time.  Before we ran RegCure we clocked the boot time as 4 minutes and 42 seconds.  That’s a LONG time.  We ran RegCure Pro, cleaned up the registry and also blocked several software programs from loading at bootup (a much easier process assisted by the software).  After all that we started the computer again.  This time the bootup sequence only took 2 mintues and 44 seconds!  That’s a huge improvement.


If you’re looking for a good way to optimize a computer that has become sluggish and slow with lots of errors, then RegCure Pro might be a good option.  It certainly helped with our test computer.  We recommend that you always back up your important data to an external hard drive before running any unknown software.  We also recommend backing up the registry, which you can do from within RegCure Pro.

ParetoLogic stands behind all their software as well, so rest assured that if you’re not satisfied you can either get help or get a refund.

Click Here to visit the RegCure Pro Main Website

Click Here to download RegCure Pro (downloads directly from ParetoLogic, not us)

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RegCure Pro is a full featured software suite that can help not only clean up a cluttered registry but also optimize other areas of your computer. If your computer is sluggish you might benefit from this software tool.

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years. He currently lives in Southern California.

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  1. “One of the most annoying things about owning a computer is that over time it tends to get slower and slower. This is universal; it happens to all computer operating systems.”

    Totally untrue. I assume you have only ever run Windows? Because Macs and Linux systems do NOT slow down with age.

    1. Actually, I have. I mostly use Windows however, for various reasons. I also can’t tell you how many friends have Macs that they complain about being slow or not working very well. How about an iPhone for example. Those slow down with additional software/apps as well as the advancements in software requirements as the physical hardware “ages” or becomes outdated. In fact there was a lawsuit against Apple (link) from iPhone 4 users who were claiming that Apple was trying to force them into buying new phones because the operating system update made their phones almost unusable because they were too slow for the new updates.

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